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About us

About us

QDC Design & Build specializes in Designing & Constructing prestigious restaurant package, with a young and experienced team of over 250 successful projects and stable operation. QDC is ready to bring investors the design with options suitable to the funding source, business ideas, meeting the construction schedule timely so that the first step in business is favorable, creating sustainable competition strength in the restaurant business. 

In particular, QDC always accumulates experience through each successful project and clear orientation in the concept development process, in order to provide customers with a package Restaurant Design & Construction services through 04 criteria::

1.  Innovative - impressive design - catch up with the new culinary style:

    - Designing European, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese, Seafood, BBQ, Hot Pot restaurants ... impressively attracting customers. 

2. Package construction - dedicated - responsible, skilled workers ensuring progress:

    - Rough part: Dismantling of premises, construction, tiling, ceiling, water paint ... Processing quickly, ensuring proper technique and safety during use.
    - Interior part: Tables and chairs, decorative shelves, kitchen stainless steel systems ... are manufactured in the factory with a reasonable price, good quality to meet long-term use.
    - Electricity and water systems, internet, cameras, signs ... are implemented by a professional construction team, ensuring fire and explosion prevention during operation.  


Innovative design combined with experienced construction team to bring the best quality projects

3. Manufacturing - Processing Industrial Stainless Steel Stove at factory price:

    - The stainless steel equipment are made of 304 or 201 stainless steel to ensure the durability of product.
    - QDC workshop with area of over 1500m2 specializes in manufacturing, processing and installing stainless steel kitchen equipment system of all sizes and types.
    - Ensuring optimal capacity, advice on layout, installation, type of kitchen suitable with gas system to ensure safety for the restaurant kitchen system.

4. Warranty and maintenance policy:

    - 12-month warranty for all Design and Construction items from QDC
    - After 12 months, QDC still commits to support customers in the warranty service of restaurant system maintenance.


Furnitures manufactured at the factory are at reasonable price - Stainless steel kitchen system ensures performance in the process of business activities


QDC is a Design unit associated with Package construction, all QDC's construction projects are a combination of creative design art and practical use in business purposes with outstanding targets:
 ✔️ Professional design, optimize time, save design & construction costs, always meet technical requirements, ensure on schedule.
 ✔️ Construct closely to the design drawings, production - factory price processing, construction quality and materials to be strictly censored from the supervision of QDC and the investor.
 ✔️ Restaurant furniture is manufactured in QDC factory by a team of skilled workers and approved directly from design, creating the connections between design and construction.
 ✔️ When your are a partner of QDC Design & Build, you can be completely assured of the complete and smooth start, creating solid conditions to help you be more convenient on your business path.


 - Trading name : QDC Design & Build
 - Office : No. 07, Road 12, Cityland Park Hills, Ward 10, Go Vap District, Ho Chi Minh City
 - Factory : No. 21, Street TL29, Thanh Loc Ward, District 12, Ho Chi Minh City (1,500 sq.m)
 - Website : qdc.vn    
 - Mail : dat.qdc@gmail.com
 - Hotline : 090800560



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